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Optimize, Inc. develops custom consulting, training, and technology solutions that dramatically increase your performance using your existing resources.

Optimize, Incorporated is an Industrial Engineering support and service provider. As lean Six Sigma practitioners, we apply lean SS concepts in our design, project management, and implementation services. We utilize a variety of continuous improvement solutions to generate economic impact and gain competitive advantage for client companies. Programs & Projects generate momentum for positive change so clients can realize the performance improvements desired.
The current business environment forces us to deal with growing pains in the most painful of ways. As demand for our product grows, so does the need to grow our employee base. However, there is just enough uncertainty that it is difficult to commit too early to hire on the skilled positions in operations and engineering.

How do you develop these skills internally in time to meet the customer demand, but not so prematurally that we can’t afford to keep them?

Optimize, Inc. is the stop-gap that can help in two ways.

We are skilled operations and engineering managers who can do the work in the short term. Longer term, we will help you build the systems and structure necessary for growing your company by working with the current employee base to capture the lessons learned and turn them into the standards – or lessons applied.

Optimize, Inc. is focused on merging the best combination of Innovation, Lean, Six Sigma, Inventory Control, Quality Management  and Project Management for each specific need.

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